€ 289,-

The PADI Basic freediver course is part of the full PADI Freediver course. It is a first step to get acquainted with freediving. You learn the basic freediving disciplines in the pool and focus on practicing breathing techniques, among other things. You practice basic skills to hold your breath in a safe and comfortable way. This training does not include depth, for that you can enter the PADI Freediver course.

To participate in the PADI Basic freediver course you are at least 12 years old. You have good swimming skills and are able to swim 200 meters non-stop without fins, or 300 meters non-stop with mask, snorkel and fins. It is not important whether you have already practiced other (under)water sports or not.

Course requirements:

  • A static dive of at least 90 seconds
  • A dynamic dive of at least 25 meters

The course consists of:

  • A theoretical part
  • Four confined water sessions

The course includes:

  • PADI certification fee
  • Freediving materials
  • Pool entrance fee
  • DAN insurance during the course (if desired, please state this when registering)
  • PADI Freediver Touch app

The Touch is an interactive learning tool that gives you the information to freedive safely and allows you to learn at your own pace. Study at your own pace when it suits you. Everything digitally on your tablet, mobile or PC. No internet connection required.

Freediving materials:

We are dealer of Cressi freediving equipment. If you are looking for freediving materials and you need advice, we can help you with that.

If you discover that you love freediving as much as we do, you can progress seamlessly into the full PADI Freedive course.