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With the Molchanovs freedive courses you can grow from the basic principles of freediving (Wave 1) through the Advanced (Wave 2) and Master (Wave 3) level to an elite competition freediver (Wave 4).

The certification requirements for this first level (Freediver/Wave 1) are slightly lower than some other courses. The idea behind this is that the first level is certainly feasible for everyone and the focus can be more on breathing and relaxation techniques, safety and good technique than on reaching a certain time, distance or depth.
During this course you will learn the basics of freediving and discover your natural freediving ability. You will learn techniques to hold your breath beyond the minute and a half. Topics covered include the physical and physiological aspects of freediving, an introduction to freediving-specific equalization, relaxation and breathing techniques, and rescue and safety procedures.
If you take the Wave 1 course, you will also learn how to freedive to a depth of 12-20 meters in open water.

To participate in the course you must be at least 16 years old (16/17 years with permission from parent or guardian). In addition, you are able to swim 200 meters non-stop without fins.

The requirements of the course:

  • Static dive of at least 1.5 minutes
  • Dynamic dive with fins of at least 30 meters
  • Constant weight dive with fins between 12-20 meters
  • Free Immersion dive between 12-20 meters
  • Theory exam

The course consists of:

  • Theory online through self-study
  • Theory review
  • Yoga/stretching and breathing sessions
  • Four pool sessions
  • Three open water sessions

The course includes:

  • Certification fee
  • Theory manual
  • Exams
  • Freediving materials
  • Online dashboard access
  • Pool entrance fee
  • Video material
  • Base training access
  • DAN insurance during the training (if desired, please state when registering)

The course is exclusive:

  • Entrance fee when depth sessions are given in a diving tower

Freedive materials:
We are a dealer of Cressi freedive equipment. Are you looking for freediving materials and do you need advice, then we can help you with that.

LAP 1:
This course is also available as a Lap course. During this course we cover the same theory and pool requirements as the corresponding Wave course, but the course does not include open water sessions. With a Lap certification you are therefore only allowed to freedive in a swimming pool. It does not certify you to freedive to depth in open water or indoor dive tanks. You can always easily convert a Lap certification to the corresponding Wave certification at a later date by doing the open water sessions with your Molchanovs instructor.

After the course:
True understanding and mastery of freediving requires focus, practice and training. By continuing to practice what you have learned in your Wave or Lap course you will experience the benefits of freediving. Your physical condition will improve and with regular training your technique will also improve and your body will become more accustomed to higher carbon dioxide and lower oxygen levels. Freediving is also a psychologic discipline, through which you begin to develop a greater inner awareness, a deeper state of relaxation and a stronger focus.
Molchanovs created the Base Training program, a global freediving training program, with the aim of supporting and empowering local communities to train like the world’s best freedivers. As a Molchanovs certified freediver you become part of the worldwide Molchanovs community and you get access to base training and the Molchanovs facebook group.