Advanced equalization and the mouthfill



Advanced equalization and the mouthfill (do it yourself)

Can you dive 20 or 30 meters deep but feel that equalizing is not going well? Do you have to make guttural sounds to equalize? Do you feel a pressure on your chest? Would you like to learn the mouthfill technique to dive deeper? Or would you like to know how to equalize in a more efficient and safer way? Then this course is for you!

The course is structured as follows:

  • E-learning: via mobile, tablet or computer
  • You get 23 exercises that are clearly demonstrated and explained step by step
  • You have access to the online platform for 6 months where you can find online lessons, videos, animations and demonstrations
  • After the course you make an evaluation video that you upload
  • If you have successfully completed the training, you will receive a certificate

What materials do you need:

  • Otovent
  • Otovent balloons
  • Mirror or camera

The upgrade from advanced to expert

Hands-free equalization with instructor